Robe of Achievement

Robe of Achievement


Purpose:  To honor some woman each year during the Annual Meeting of the Women’s Society who has had an influence or contributed “beyond the limits of her own community and church.”

Criteria:  Must be a committed Christian.  Must be an active member of a local Seventh Day Baptist church.  Was/is active as a volunteer in some phase of denominational effort.  Has shown special service with her family/community.

A complete resume must be submitted containing a life history including her achievements and activities.

If you would like to renominate someone whom you have nominated within the last 2 years, you do NOT have to complete a new resume form.  To renominate, simply notify Karen Payne at the email below that you wish to renominate the person and send her any updates to the previously completed resume.


Submit resumes to:

Seventh Day Baptist Women’s Board Robe of Achievement Committee

Resumes may be submitted by email to committee chair Karen Payne at

or by USPS at

Karen Payne

13528 595th Street

Claremont, MN 55924


Application Deadline for 2018 Nominations is March 31, 2018